Harry's Room 3mths-2 yrs

Harry's Room is named after our little star Harry, one of our precious babies who died suddenly in hospital at almost 21 months old, in September 2011. We wanted to dedicate this room to Harry’s memory 💖


The room is registered for up to eighteen babies. Our staff ratio in this room is one practitioner to three babies. 

Babies use their whole bodies to find out about the world around them, developing sensory and motor skills through their environment. Harry's room and the adjoining sensory room is designed to stimulate all your baby’s senses and encourage them to explore, with room to crawl and roll, and furniture they can use to pull themselves up when they start learning to walk. The furniture, equipment and toys have been carefully selected to provide your baby with lots of sensory opportunities and experiences. Most importantly, we ensure babies in our care feel safe, loved, and that they get lots of cuddles!

We have a wonderful outdoor play area on the flat roof adjoining the play rooms, which is excellent for accessing plenty of fresh air and new experiences. We also take the children for short walks in pushchairs, with your consent. 

Activities are planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and follow children’s interests, developing their physical, intellectual, social, language and emotional skills. We encourage your baby’s natural use of gestures to communicate before their first words by using signing with speech and song, to encourage speech development, stimulate intellectual and emotional progress and help us understand your baby’s needs.

In Harry's Room there are the following areas:

Nappy Changing

Good quality nappies, wipes, and cotton wool are supplied by Nursery unless you would prefer to bring your own. We ask you to provide any creams or lotions you wish us to use for your baby, clearly labelled with their name. 


The kitchenette is used for the preparation and serving of food and milk, as and when your baby requires it and in line with your wishes and your baby’s dietary requirements. We provide pureed/mashed and lumpy food for one year olds from the daily menus in line with your wishes, and following our weaning programme. 

Sleep Room

The separate sleep area enables us to suit your baby’s sleep routine at home, and they are closely supervised. 

Sensory Room

We have a wonderful sensory room which provides a sense of calm and comfort, as well as helping babies improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing, and fine and gross motor skills. 

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