Our Nursery

Our aim is to provide a stable, caring and happy environment ensuring all children feel welcome and safe so they are able to develop to their full potential during their critical early years. Our care is of an excellent standard, following stimulating and structured routines in a vibrant and challenging atmosphere. Well planned, purposeful learning opportunities will build on children’s previous experiences and be relevant and appropriate to their individual needs.

The highest quality pre-school education is provided, closely following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We believe that play and learning are inseparable and with this in mind children are encouraged to initiate and plan activities, promoting the natural development of their physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills.

An underlying principle of our philosophy is that children learn through play. Playing is the most natural thing in the world and through their desire to play, most of your child’s developmental needs will be met. Play is energised by curiosity and through the variety of play opportunities we provide, children become enquirers, experimenters and explorers. During your child’s time with us they can enjoy all the wonderful things that childhood brings – laughter, learning and sharing.

Our Nursery is small enough that we can maintain excellent standards of care; tailor learning experiences to your child’s needs; and foster good ties with your child and your whole family.

Nursery Space

The Nursery is separated into play rooms, and the age and developmental stage of your child determines which room they will be in. Decisions are made in conjunction with families.

Harry’s room is registered for up to eighteen babies, and our separate sensory room is often used for the youngest children. Our staff ratio in this room is one practitioner to three babies.

Squirrels Room is registered for up to twenty children, the staff ratio for 2 year olds is one practitioner to four children. The children have access to two large play areas and their own big garden.

We feel that young children should be outdoors as much as possible, and our Nursery is organised so that children can choose how and when they wish to play outside. Each Room has its own outdoor area which has been carefully planned to stimulate children’s learning and ensure they can have fun experiencing the outdoors in all weathers.

This room is at the front of the building and has space for 32 children. The ratio is 1 practitioner to 8 children. Children only move into Wise Owls when practitioners and parents feel it's the right time.

Meet our Team

At Emmy Jayne’s we are committed in ensuring our nursery practitioners are given every opportunity to improve their professional development whilst employed with us. We stipulate that all our permanent practitioners are qualified to at least Level 3, and work-based training is provided to achieve this for any practitioners who aren’t qualified when they come to us.

Meet our team below...


Key Person

We have in place a Key Person approach in order that positive relationships may be built between our Nursery, your family and your child. By having two consistent key people as your child’s primary carers, they will feel safe, loved, confident and special, and able to reach their full potential in the knowledge that there are people they can trust and depend on. 

Your key people will be committed to you and your child, and you would usually talk to them first about your child’s individual needs. They will help with the settling-in process when your child starts at Emmy Jayne’s, they plan for and assess their progression, and ensure information is shared regularly. 

Key Person Box

Each practitioner has created their own key person box which is very personal to them, and contains lots of information about themselves and their lives. This box is for you to take home and share with your child as often as you wish. These boxes support our key Person approach which is all about a two-way flow of information between practitioners and parents, and the key person box is a fantastic way of getting to know the people who are caring for your most precious possessions. At the moment we aren't able to share these with you but instead we can communicate with photographs through the Famly App.


The safety and security of your child is of utmost importance to us at all times, and we have measures in place to reassure you of this.


Our main entrance is locked from the outside permanently and the door can only be opened by parents, carers and practitioners via a security number code lock system. The security number will not be given to anyone other than primary carers to maintain security. All visitors coming to the Nursery will need to ring the doorbell and a practitioner will come to open the door. Once in the Nursery Foyer we have another set of locked doors which will be opened manually by a member of staff to let you in. Our gardens are securely fenced with a padlocked gate at either side of the Nursery, which can only be opened from within the Nursery gardens. 

We would like to reassure you that your child will never be allowed to leave the Nursery with anyone other than their parents or carers unless we are informed in advance, and have your consent along with a photograph or password for people we have not met previously. 

CCTV is in operation both inside and outside the Nursery.  Cameras are situated on all the entrances and exits, adding greater reassurance and peace of mind for you and ensuring our Nursery is safe and secure.