Outdoor Areas

We feel that young children should be outdoors as much as indoors, and our Nursery is organised so that your child can choose how and when they wish to play outside. Our outdoor areas have been carefully planned to stimulate children’s learning and ensure they can have fun outside and experience the outdoors in all weathers, whether it is windy, warm and sunny, wet, cold or snowy. 

Our rich outdoor environment is suitable to meet children’s needs through all types of play, and offers essential experiences, vital to their well-being, health and development. They can be active, noisy and messy and use all their senses with their whole bodies to explore the variety of sensations the outdoors offers.

Our gardens are all designed to support the curriculum, as children learn many things about the natural world through play based activities. In the Squirrels garden there is a digging patch, vegetable garden, sand pit, water play and balancing equipment. The Wise Owls outdoor area has space for physical play along with a decking area which is often used for quiet activities, role play and den making. Most indoor activities can be supported outside, where children take mark-making, painting, role play, number and creative activities outdoors. Our babies' outdoor area provides opportunities for physical and sensory experiences, including sand, water play, wind chimes, physical activities and lots of loose parts. 

Many children relate strongly to learning outdoors, where they can follow their own interests, have the freedom to explore the ever-changing environment, and learn the skills of social interaction and friendship.

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