Wise Owls 3-5 yrs

Our Wise Owls room is at the front of the building and caters for up to 32 children, with the ratio of staff to children being 1:8.

Children move into this room during the months following their third birthday, and we try to move groups of children together so that they can transfer into the biggest room alongside their friends. Toys and activities are suited to the children’s needs, interests and abilities, and more emphasis is placed on the children becoming confident and independent learners.

Adjoining Wise Owls is the toilet area, where your child will be supported in potty training and use of the toilets. We have three small toilets, and a large low level sink for hand washing and cleaning teeth. 

Children spend at least one full year in this room before going to school. They are supported to develop their skills through a variety of meaningful play activities. Children’s learning is most effective when they have a balance of carefully planned and spontaneous play, so structured activities will gradually be introduced as part of play following children's individual interests.

Wise Owls is home to our resident tortoise, Charlie. Helping to care for Charlie provides many great learning opportunities. 

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